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Title Wellness Coordinator – Full Time
Categories Nursing Services
Job Information

Wellness Coordinator – Posted on 3/22/2016 @4:45pm
Posting #52016
External and Internal Candidates may apply at www.thayercountyhealth.com – click on Careers
This position contributes to the fulfillment of Thayer County Health Services vision and mission by coordinating the Wellness Program, health promotion and services, facilitating the effectiveness of administered health promotion service or products by demonstrating economic savings resulting from an improvement in the health status and decrease in risk factors.
SHIFT: Full Time, 40 hours/week, Days
Reports to the Chief Nursing Officer
• Bachelor’s degree in health education, health promotion, or closely related field or nursing degree is preferred (Current Nebraska State license if nursing degree).
• Prior experience with knowledge of wellness and health promotion is preferred.
• Computer and keyboarding skills required.
• Instructs, motivates and guides wellness program participants.
• Acquires community and employee program buy-in and support through all levels of the organizations.
• Plans corporate wellness programs by assessing organizational needs, establishing program goals and designing the program.
• Implements Community health risk assessment plans to determine the population health and lifestyle needs.
• Maintains tracking tools to measure employee participation and health improvements.
• Conducts program evaluations that include statistical analysis, results interpretation and program trends.
• Designs and distributes materials to promote health education programs and activities for Thayer County communities.
• Serves as a health and wellness resource for TCHS employees and community.
• Maintains accurate records to ensure confidentiality of data collected through the health assessment, on-site screening and health promotion activities and in compliance with HIPAA regulations.
• Coordinates Youth Health Fair every year with all three county schools involvement.
• Serves as a resource for the development of our facility Wellness Center.
• Helps coordinate annual TCHS Wellness/Trauma Symposium.
• Presents self in a professional manner in all duties and enhances professional growth through participation in education programs, current literature, in-service meetings and workshops.
• Organizes TCHS Wellness Committee involvement and events.

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Title Hospital Clinical Nurse Informatist – Full Time
Categories Nursing Services
Job Information

This position contributes to the fulfillment of Thayer County Health Services vision and mission by being responsible for clinical process transformation processes related to development, implementation, and evaluation of the electronic health record (EHR). This position works collaboratively with clinical informatics, information technology, and multidisciplinary teams to ensure the integration of nursing/clinical science with computer science within clinical applications.
SHIFT: Full Time, 40 hours/week, Days-8 hours
Reports to the Chief Nursing Officer
• Graduate of an accredited school of nursing and possess a current valid Nebraska state RN nursing license or current compact state license.
• Maintains current CPR status.
• Bachelor’s degree in Nursing preferred with a focus on informatics.
• Minimum 5 years of experience in clinical setting
• Excellent personnel management skills required.
• Excellent communication skills, written and verbal, required as well as customer service skills.
• Various hardware and software equipment and programs preferred, as well as use of office equipment, supplies, and audiovisual equipment preferred.

• Participates in the development and maintenance of clinical applications, including interfaces, policies procedures, through collaboration with all clinical departments.
• Coordinates all aspects of system updates along with the information technology department which includes reviewing release notes and coordinates set up, implementing and training affected clinical departments, updating policies and procedures related to clinical informatics, and maintaining a flexible work schedule to assist with installations, repairs, upgrades and projects that must be performed during non-heavy duty periods.
• Assess information and knowledge needs of health care professionals and patients to improve quality and patient care outcomes.
• Maintain a thorough understanding and working knowledge of the core applications and their association with other information systems within the organization.
• Participate in research related to the clinical information system and other practice issues as appropriate
• Provide leadership in the development and revision of initiatives, programs, and systems related to data collection, retrieval, analysis, and interpretation which assist in optimizing patient outcomes, quality of care delivery, patient safety, effectiveness, and efficiency.
• Provide education for Health Care providers and new staff related to the EHR.
• Acts as primary contact for EMR system vendors and for clinical departments.
• Participates in off-site meetings to further knowledge in clinical systems and related objects.
• Serves as a mentor and super user in clinical information systems, teaching and motivating clinical staff in using the clinic/financial information systems to its fullest potential.
• Participates in developing policies and procedures pertaining to use of clinical information systems.
• Complies, understands, and enforces state and regulatory requirements related to the performance of TCHS operations and requirements, including but not limited to HIPAA, departmental and organization-wide policies, Critical Access requirements, and Federal and State of Nebraska regulations.
• Enhances personal growth and development through participation in educational programs, current literature, in-service meetings, and workshops.
• Involved in a quality assurance program that provides optimal patient care and work collaboratively together with other hospital nursing team members to ensure quality patient care in regards to core measures and meaningful use.
• Performs other duties as assigned, including RN floor responsibilities in accordance with Registered Nurse job description, as necessary.
• Maintains the TCHS Behavior Standards and CORE VALUE program.

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Title Chief Financial Officer – Exempt Full Time
Categories Finance
Job Information

CFO – Posted on 4/22/2016
Posting #62016 External and Internal Candidates may apply at www.thayercountyhealth.com – click on Careers
Thayer County Health Services, Thayer County, NE
Manages, coordinates and analyzes the financial aspects of the Critical Access Hospital and Rural Health Clinic Operations. Designs, implements and manages all systems for identifying and controlling the income and expenses within the facilities and lines of business including Charge Master oversight; consults with and advises Chief Executive Officer and Board of Trustees regarding plans for generating increased revenue streams and controlling operational costs in relation to the overall goals of the hospital, strategies, the market and the needs of the community, county and extended patient marketplace.
SHIFT: Exempt Full-Time, Days
Reports to CEO/President.
• Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and CPA required
• Minimum of 5 years working in Accounting, with 3 years as CFO in a Critical Access Rural Hospital.
• Must have successful history of working with CMS (Medicaid, Medicare payment plans and regulations).
• Advance computer skills in Accounting, Excel and Microsoft Word software programs, prefer experience in CPSI, AllScripts, knowledge of Meditech and or EPIC systems.
• ChargeMaster knowledge as well as fundamentals of ICD-10.
• Ten key by touch

• Financial stewardship leadership: Manages the hospital’s financial resources. Responsible to develop a formal budget and supervises budgeting process, providing a standard of measurement so the actual hospital and departmental performance can be evaluated.
• Develops, coordinates and analyzes the hospital’s policies on finance, accounting, insurance, patient billing and internal controls.
• Provides ongoing reviews, analyzes and communicates financial reports and data to the CEO, and Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees.
• Manages the financial policies for the CAH and RHC to control the receipt of revenue, expenditures of funds and preservation of assets.
• Responsible for the supervision and coordination of the functions of reimbursement, budget, patient accounting, patient registration and general ledger accounting, accounts payable, information systems, and material management.
• Evaluates and recommends changes to the administration for rates/charges and the structure for same as appropriate.
• Evaluates the facilities objectives as they relate to the third party reimbursement and the appropriate analysis. Responsible to make the appropriate organization investments and appropriate reporting on the activities and results of the investments as well. This shall be approved by the Board of Trustees.
• Develop department’s operating budget and ensure that operations are maintained within allocated funds.
• Responsible for the ongoing and updated three year capital budget or as appropriately designated.
• Chief facilitator of Meaningful Use 2 and spearheading the CAH and RHC in progressive and timely mode for attestation deadlines and incremental controls thereafter.
• Establish and maintain all appropriate records and reports applicable to the financial operation of the CAH and RHC.
• Reviews financial impact of hospital contracts.
• Prepares periodic reports outlining the institutions’ financial position in all areas of assets, liabilities, income and expense based on past, present and planned future operations.
• Provides for organization and maintenance of an effective system of accounting and cost determination.
• Responsible to continually review and modify cost systems and data collection to ensure maximum reimbursements for patient services.
• Ensures the timely filing of federal, state, third party and other financial reports as required, including the Medicare and Medicaid Cost Reports.
• Responsible to provide for and understand the current insurance needs of the institution and to assure that the proper protection from liability or other loses is being provided.
• Works with HR Director to analyze the cost impact of Employee benefit programs and compensation plans.
• Perform cost studies involving third parties such as private insurance as well as state and federal coverage plans – with active knowledge of national and state-wide insurance exchanges.
• Plans, coordinates, and prepares for year-end audits by public accounting firms and outside auditors
• Directs and supervises departmental staff and interfaces with all CAH and RHC directors and as appropriate, providers.
• Responsible for establishing and maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships with all CAH and RHC team members.
• Abides by all Federal, State and Hospital laws, regulations policies and guidelines as well as those appropriately identified by Thayer County.
• Attends all required meetings and activities, maintaining a professional affiliation to stay abreast of current trends and changes in legislation in the financial field.
• Perform all other duties as assigned

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Title Marketing Specialist – Full Time
Categories Administrative
Job Information

Marketing Specialist – Posted on 4/29/2016
Posting #72016 External and Internal Candidates may apply at www.thayercountyhealth.com – click on Careers
Thayer County Health Services, Thayer County, NE
This position contributes to the fulfillment of Thayer County Health Services vision and mission, with direction from the CEO and Board of Directors, works with the Director of Development to plan, organize and direct the overall marketing and long-term philanthropy efforts and of Thayer County Health Services.
Responsible to the Director of Development
SHIFT: Non-Exempt, Days, 40 hours
• Associates Degree in a Marketing, Graphic Art, Communications or related field required
• Bachelor’s degree strongly preferred.
• Academic preparation in one of the following areas is preferred: marketing, sales, communication, public administration.
• Two years’ experience in development of comprehensive marketing plans, or any equivalent combination of experience and/or education from which comparable knowledge, skills and abilities has been achieved.
• Experience in graphic arts
• Computer skills, including word processing, excel, power point, publisher, Coral Draw (or equivalent software) and website management preferred.
• Experience creating promotional materials
• Strong communication and editorial skills.

• Assists with the development, writing, and communication of Marketing plans, promotional recaps, creative briefs, project recommendations, and presentations.
• Assists in budget and annual marketing goals.
• Ensures that all locally-developed creative marketing materials undergo brand review and adhere to strict brand guidelines.
• Assists with writing and editing of promotional material, press releases, newsletters, direct marketing, and website.
• Works effectively as part of the marketing and development team to communicate, coordinate, and implement the TCHS marketing plan.
• Develops opportunities to add additional marketing opportunities for TCHS through social media and initiatives.
• Participates in regular strategy meetings and develops new programs and initiatives that are designed to further enhance the marketing plan.
• Assists the departments within TCHS in managing advertising initiatives and media plans.
• Assists in planning and implementation of philanthropy events for the foundation and guild.
• Collaborate with marketing partners to identify joint marketing opportunities
• Monitor all marketing processes and implement improvements to enhance TCHS services
• Assists in theme and content development for a variety of projects.
• Reviews TCHS marketing materials and makes recommended updates and changes.
• Works with TCHS departments to evaluate and develop marketing goals.
• Maintains a strong working relationship with local media vendors.
• Networks with other marketing organizations; locally, within BVRN, and NMA
• Performs related work as required.

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Title I.T. Director – Full Time
Categories Information Technology
Job Information

I.T. Director – Posted 3/8/2016

Shift: Full Time; Exempt

This position contributes to the fulfillment of Thayer County Health Services vision and mission by managing, coordinating and supervising activities of computer operations, data entry, and software utilization. Responsible for designing, planning, implementing and controlling all functions pertinent to these areas. Serves as a liaison between software vendors and the users. Responsible for the operation of the telephone system. Assists Vice President of Facilities. Other duties as assigned by Supervisor.
Reports to Vice President of Facilities.
• BA/BS in information systems, business or technical field, Masters in business or computer information systems preferred.
• Knowledge of data analysis, systems design, problem identification, medical data, and processing information.
• Knowledge of computer hardware, software and data communications including system configuration and exposure to programing languages.
• Must have excellent oral, written, and electronic communication skills.
• Must possess leadership qualities.
• Develops strategies, plans, policies, goals, and budget for technology department and implements policies and procedures.
• Determines staff, space, equipment, supply requirements, prepares/recommends department budget and ensures that department operates within allocated funds.
• Ensures the selection, training, development and evaluation of department employees.
• Evaluates and recommends hardware and software acquisitions.
• Maintains integrity of information. Maintains security systems, guarantees back-up schedules for data, and maintains a log of software application problems and status.
• Complies with HIPAA Privacy and Security Regulations.
• Responsible for technology equipment maintenance so that it performs at a high level of efficiency.
• Updates systems procedures and completes all conversions on schedule.
• Ensures prompt and courteous feedback to requesters of technology services including providing information on software changes and other pertinent information to technology users.
• Assists users to identify hardware, software and procedural requirements for each department. Serves as systems administrator including solving computer issues and making recommendations to enhance information systems and promote more efficient and cost-effective operations.
• Ensures the daily operations of information systems and that appropriate backup systems are in place.
• Represents TCHS in networking and at appropriate functions, meetings, and organizations that work with directly or indirectly as business partners.
• Stays current with technology trends and updates with software including security threats and vulnerabilities. Continues annual training with current software applications and new applications as they are developed.
• Establishes/directs department quality assurance systems to ensure quality performance.
• Develops and maintains appropriate department records, reports and files.
• Works with users to budget and purchase technology equipment for growth and new application needs.
• Negotiates most favorable prices and terms with vendors to provide most reliable uptime and system performance.
• Maintains and promotes strict confidentiality through education and example.
• Displays initiative, enthusiasm, diplomacy, and tact.
• Exercises leadership in promoting the mission and values of the hospital throughout the facility and the community.
• Responsible for completing work projects as delegated by the Vice President of Facilities.
• Undertakes special projects as assigned by Administration.
• Performs other duties as assigned.

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Title Nutritional Services Cook – Full Time
Categories Dietary Services
Job Information

Nutritional Services Cook – Posted on 3/7/2016

This position contributes to the fulfillment of Thayer County Health Services vision and mission by preparing and serving meals in accordance with current federal and state regulations and organization/department policies & procedures governing our facility to ensure that quality food service is provided in a timely manner; Complete dishwashing operation and completed cleaning tasks and is responsible for opening and closing of the department.

SHIFT: Full Time; Days; Rotating Weekends and Holidays

Reports to Nutritional Services Director.

• High school diploma or GED preferred.
• One to two years of experience is preferred, but not required.
• Must have the ability to follow oral and written directions, observe all safety rules, work cooperatively with other staff and interact effectively with the general public.
• Must have the ability to perform math functions including standardize recipes.
• Must have the ability to understand therapeutic diets, diet consistencies, and standardized recipes and to utilize equipment, chemicals, and other supplies correctly and safely.
• Must have the ability to make independent decisions when circumstances warrant such actions.

• Prepares and serves patient, cafeteria, and special function meals at the proper temperatures following patient preferences, menus, standardized recipes, diet modifications, portion control, production guides, regulations and policies/procedures. Follows written duty sheets.
• Assumes charge of food service operations in the absence of the Nutritional Services Director. Keeps other employees on task and assures their job duties are completed.
• Completes daily forms/logs (i.e., receiving, temperatures: food, refrigeration, dish machine; cooling; sanitizer; pot/pan sink; patient meal rounds), follows HACCP policies/Procedures. Maintains proper food temps throughout food preparation and service.
• Follows proper ware washing (manual and automatic) policies/procedures.
• Receives, stores, and verifies invoices for incoming food/supplies. Follows food storage policies/procedures (i.e., labels, dates $ stored food properly).
• Maintains a clean and sanitary work environment in accordance with regulations. Completes cleaning duties and cleaning schedules as assigned.
• Completes cost control reports (i.e., number of meals served, cashier reports, etc.).
• Communicates with co-workers throughout shift to maximize patient/customer satisfaction. Reports inadequate inventory levels.
• Serves on committees and attends meetings as assigned.
• Provides effective on the-the-job training for new departmental staff.
• Maintains a safe work environment in accordance with regulations and safety rules. Reports repair and maintenance needs. Completes proper reports (i.e., accident/incident. Fire drill, etc.).
• Demonstrates competency in operation and cleaning of kitchen equipment.
• Interacts with patients when needed.
• Other related duties and tasks assigned.

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Title 340B Specialist Tech – Full Time
Categories Pharmacy
Job Information

Pharmacy – 340B Specialist Tech


This position contributes to the fulfillment of Thayer County Health Services vision and mission by under general supervision, oversees the activities of the 340b Drug Pricing Program for all qualified entities within Thayer County Health Services, maximizing program participation while maintaining full compliance with program rules.


Reports to Director of Pharmacy.

JOB QUALIFICATIONS:                       

  • Graduation from High School or a GED.
  • Tech certification preferred.
  • Minimum one year pharmacy experience required, and 1-3 years required.
  • Must have good communication skills.
  • Knowledge of pharmaceutical and related medical technology.
  • Knowledge of metric and apothecary systems of weights and measurements.
  • Knowledge of medical safety standards to assist in manufacturing and working with pharmaceutical substances.
  • Knowledge of prescription drugs and the dispensing function to check for correctness.
  • Skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with patients, medical staff and the public.
  • Ability to read and interpret prescription information.
  • Ability to read and follow oral and written instructions.
  • Ability to perform arithmetical computations and use a calculator.



  • Establish and maintain consistent policies and procedures for 340(b) that maximize participation with the program while assuring full program compliance.
  • Reviews and monitors all points of service where 340(b) Drug Pricing Program participation occurs to ensure policies and procedures are followed accordingly and is responsible to be the institutional compliance expert with regard to plan qualifications, policies, and procedures.
  • Routinely monitors utilization records, 340(b) purchasing accounts to ensure software or tools are working properly and accurately, performing audits and both internal and external compliance assessments to validate processes.
  • Collaborates with the finance department to monitor changes that could affect 340(b) qualification such as changes in the points of service position on the cost report, any changes in institutional ownership or related joint ventures and any variations or negative trends in DSH percentages.
  • Develop process to maximize use of all the available tools built into the 340B software.
  • Maintain 340B software to ensure appropriate products are linked to the appropriate charge code and in the correct ratio as well as maintain system when new charge codes are created.
  • Regularly communicate with all staff involved with 340(b) to be sure processes remain efficient and to address any problems or suggestions for improvement; also establishing a clear way for them to communicate any concerns or problems at any time.
  • Develop and maintain relationship with all Contract Pharmacy ownership and/or staff, serving as the point person for questions, problems, and concerns.
  • Places drug order for covered entities.
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Title Hospital RN – Full Time or Part Time
Categories Nursing Services
Job Information

Hospital RN – Full Time or Part Time   

RN –


This position contributes to the fulfillment of Thayer County Health Services vision and mission by exercising appropriate nursing judgment based on knowledge, skills and understanding in nursing situations, participates in planning, implementation and evaluation of nursing care, is involved in a quality assurance program to provide optimal patient care.


Reports to House RN Supervisor and Chief Nursing Officer.

SHIFT: Full Time – three 12 hour shifts/week, 5pm-5am, rotating holidays and weekends; Part Time: Two 12 hour shifts /week, 5pm-5am, rotating holidays and weekends.


  • Graduate of an accredited school of nursing and possess a current valid state Nursing License.
  • Maintains current CPR status.
  • Must have good communication skills.


  • Performs nursing care and services for patients such as assessment and documentation of signs and symptoms, administering sterile treatments, assisting with examinations, participating in the rehabilitation of patients, and showing appropriate use and care of resources all in accordance with the medical and/or nursing plan of care.
  • Prepares, administers, and documents oral, subcutaneous, intramuscular and intravenous medications; observes site of insertion, rate of flow in IV’s and discontinues IV’s.
  • Assists in planning, providing, and evaluating patient care as a member of the nursing team.
  • Assists physicians, nurses and others as required; responsible for total patient care of patients assigned and delegation of duties to appropriate personnel as necessary.
  • Performs duties in care and cleaning of rooms and equipment after use or discharge, stocks supplies in designated areas, keeps utility and other nursing areas clean and in order.
  • Observes, records, and reports to the appropriate persons, general and specific physical and mental conditions of patients, and signs and symptoms which may be indicative of change.
  • Performs selected procedures and therapeutic treatments, provides nursing care in Med/Surg, Emergency Room and the Operating Room following demonstration of competence.
  • Observes and provides care to the obstetrical patient through the stages of labor, delivery, and post-partum, after demonstration of competence.
  • Observes and provides care of the newborn after NRP and STABLE certification and demonstration of competence.
  • Participates in planning care for patients utilizing physician orders, instructions, established standards, nursing techniques, policies and procedures.
  • Promotes patient education and assists in teaching patient health maintenance and self-care.
  • Studies and evaluates trends and developments in nursing practices with thought of their adaptability to the specific needs.
  • Assumes responsibility for accuracy of procedures, documentation and maintenance of high standards of nursing care. Maintains accurate and complete records.
  • Verifies electronically placed provider orders in a timely manner.
  • Assists in training and orientation of new employees.
  • Participates in Quality Assurance, committees where requested/needed, attends in-service programs, staff and employee meetings and required educational trainings.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Updated posting on 3/30/2015

Updated Posting from Part Time to Full Time on 5/15/2015
Updated Posting from Full Time to PRN on 10/5/2015
Updated Posting from PRN to Full Time on 12/4/2015
Updated Posting on 12/21/2015
Updated Posting on 4/15/2016

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Title Radiology Technologist – Part Time
Categories Radiology Services
Job Information

Radiology Technology – Posted on 11/4/2015 @ 6:00pm
External and Internal Candidates may apply at www.thayercountyhealth.com – click on Careers

SHIFT: Part Time with on-call evening, weekends and holidays

This position contributes to the fulfillment of Thayer County Health Services vision and mission by utilizes independent judgement in the performance diagnostic imaging procedures in the radiology department.

Reports to Radiology Director

• Graduates from an accredited School of Radiologic Technology.
• Registered and certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technology (ARRT) (R).
• Certified Mammography experience preferred, but not required.
• Licensed by the state of Nebraska as a General Radiographer (each state has different licensure
• requirements).
• Possess professional oral and written communication skills.

• Performs diagnostic procedures on patients to meet the established practice parameters and standards of care including proper positioning/centering of part/patient, proper technical factor selection, proper image/patient identification, proper use of image receptors, proper professional patient care and assessment, proper radiation protection provided for patient/staff/general public, and proper documentation maintained.
• Works as a member of the healthcare team including physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals in diagnostic testing procedures such as fluoroscopy, trauma and surgery.
• Utilize a fluoroscopic unit to image patients in certain procedures as outlined in the American Society of Radiologic Technologists Practice standard document, state certification requirements and institutional parameters.
• Performs specialized procedures for diagnosis and assistance in the design of treatment for patients including myelography and gastrointestinal exams.
• Adheres to medical and surgical asepsis and standard precautions as required per procedure.
• Administers contrast media and barium products under the direction of the radiologist/physician.
• Insures contrast media used in exams is prepared and available for use in accordance with accepted practices in sterility and infection control.
• Works closely with radiologists, orthopedic physicians, other specialty physicians, lab technologists nurses, patients, patient’s family members and other healthcare professionals.
• Patient requisition is reviewed/verified for accuracy to ensure correct procedure is performed.
• Performs clerical duties, transports patients as required, processes images and proper inventory supplies.
• Assists with quality control/performance improvement measures as required.
• Insures that radiographic images are available for review by radiologist as necessary.
• Performs radiologic exams in surgery suite as necessary.
• Operates portable machine in patient rooms, obstetric suite and ER as necessary.
• Follows precise procedures as to exposure and position of patient.
• Maintains the quality of radiographs, procedures and services. Reviews quality of radiographic images.
• Works closely with radiologists, physicians, specialty physicians, lab technologists, nurses, patients and other facility staff personnel.
• Assists with on-call coverage by participating in on-call schedule.
• Wears dosimetry badge at all times while involved in radiological procedures.
• Participates in committees where needed, attends in-service programs and hospital meetings.
• Patients are identified in accordance with established hospital policies using two patient identifiers.
• Maintains strict patient confidentiality.
• Performs other duties as assigned.

• Recognized and has a commitment to meet the ethical, moral and legal obligations of nursing.
• Maintains and promotes good health practices.
• Will conform to TCHS policies and procedures.
• Will perform all duties as described by the job description within the scope of licensure.
• Maintains current professional license/certifications in accordance with state law.
• Provides leadership in medical concerns in the absence of the physician.
• Does not discuss patient matters such as medical treatment, diagnosis or history outside of the clinical setting in; keeping in compliance of HIPAA.
• Maintains the TCHS Behavior Standards and CORE VALUE program.
• Willingly accepts new responsibilities and cooperates with implementation of change.
• Ensures pay roll and time card information is complete and accurate every pay period.
• Dresses in a neat, clean uniform for patient care; maintains high personal hygiene standards.

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Title Environmental Services Tech I – Full Time
Categories Environmental Services
Job Information

Environmental Services Tech – Full Time – Posted on 2/12/2016 @ 4:23pm
Shift: 11:00am-7:30pm; rotating Saturdays
External and Internal Candidates may apply at www.thayercountyhealth.com – click on Careers


This position contributes to the fulfillment of Thayer County Health Services vision and mission by performing daily cleaning, disinfecting and supplying of offices and patient areas including cleaning walls, lights, windows, vents, floors, and carpets.


Reports to Environmental Services Supervisor.


  • High school diploma or GED required.
  • 3-5 years of clinical and/or infection control are preferred.


  • Meets with supervisor on a daily basis to confer on special cleaning needs or problems.
  • Cleans floors, rooms, and offices following established schedules and procedures, including moving furniture.
  • Vacuums carpets for cleaning and bacteria control, and removes spots from carpets, or reports stains to maintenance.
  • Assists in cleaning emergency spills as observed or requested. Sanitizes and sterilizes clinic areas.
  • Washes ceilings, walls, lights, windows, fixtures, mirrors, and office equipment.
  • Dry and wet mops floors in uncarpeted offices and rooms, scrubs floor.
  • Transports trash from collection points to designated area and disposes of mounted wall sharps containers.
  • Dust surfaces, damp wipe furniture, and cleans and polishes metal and porcelain fixtures in bathrooms.
  • Maintains equipment in a clean and orderly manner, and re-stocks supplies as needed.
  • Reports any unsafe conditions to Safety Committee Member or Supervisor.
  • Completion of on-going education as needed.
  • Maintains strictest confidentiality.
  • Performs related work as required.


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Title General Application – Thayer County Health Services and Medical Clinics
Categories General Application
Job Information

Thayer County Health Services is currently looking for professional healthcare employees. If you do not see a current job opening in our present online listings, we still encourage you to apply using the online application. If your qualifications meet any of our current needs, we will contact you.

We are currently accepting applications for positions we will need filled in the future. We keep applications active for 1 year from the submission date. Contact Information
Human Resources
Email: humanresources@tchsne.org

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