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Specialty Services Calendar & Information

TCHS Specialty Services
120 Park Ave., Hebron, NE 68370
Ph: 402-768-6041 / Fax: 402-768-4667

New patients need a referral

Please *NOTE*, the Specialty Calendar is subject to change.  To assist in providing you with the latest information, an ad for the following week’s schedule is put in the Hebron Journal Register and The Deshler Rustler. (Click on link to see enlarged calendar)

Specialty Services Information

Dr. Hurlbut
Dr. Bohlen

Dr. Wiltfong

Vascular Surgery
Dr. Tyndall

Wound Clinic
Dr. Rivera

Diagnostic Services
            Doppler (Vascular)
            Monday and Thursday
            Bryan LGH Echo-Cardiography
            Monday and Thursday
            St. E’s Echo
            Pulmonary Function Tests
            Call for Appointment 888-868-7203

Rehabilitation Therapy


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