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21449Paid Time Off (PTO)
PTO shall be used for all paid absences from work, including vacations, holidays, personal or family illness/injury, and other personal reasons. Employees must complete six months of employment to be eligible to utilize PTO hours except for holiday purposes. Employees accrue .0731 hours of paid time off per hour worked during the first 1 – 5 years of employment, .0923 hours during 6 – 10 years of employment, and .1115 hours beyond 11 years of employment.

Extended Sick Leave (ESL)
ESL shall be used for absences from work due to non-work related illness/injury that lasts more than one day. Employees will accrue .0308 hours of ESL per hour worked.

Overtime at the rate of one and one-half times the employee’s regular rate will be paid for all time actually worked in excess of forty (40) hours in one week for all non-exempt employees.

Health Insurance
Employees are eligible for single or family health insurance at the first of the month following 90 days of employment. TCHS offers a partially self funded plan through EPOCH. TCHS pays the full single premium for full time regular employees.

Dental Insurance
Employees are eligible for single or family dental insurance at the first of the month following 90 days of employment. TCHS offers a dental plan through Ameritas and includes basic and major coverage with some orthodontia.

Life Insurance
All employees are covered with a term life insurance plan. The benefits are variable dependent on the employees yearly salary and age. Thayer County Health Services pays the full premium for the employee’s life insurance plan.

Dependent Life Insurance
All employees have two options to cover their spouse and or other dependents with a term life insurance plan at a minimal cost to the employee.

Long Term Disability
All employees who are scheduled to work 1,000 hours per year or more will be eligible for long term disability coverage. The coverage begins after 90 days of employment and premiums are paid by Thayer County Health Services.

Pension Plan
All employees participate in the employee pension plan. The plan takes 5% of the employee’s compensation and applies the funds to investment accounts as the employees direct. Thayer County Health Services also contributes matching funds of 5% to the investment accounts as the employee directs. Thayer County Health Services works with Smith Hayes Financial Services Corporation and the investment accounts are set up through Ameritas Retirement Plans.

Section 125 Flexible Benefits
Employees may participate in pre-tax deductions for medical and dental expenses, dependent care expenses and premium expenses. This plan reduces your taxable income throughout the year so you too pay less in taxes.

Formal Education
Thayer County Health Services will pay part of your formal education cost each calendar year. The maximums are 75% of your tuition up to $750 per calendar year. This includes tuition and books.

Voluntary Benefits
Thayer County Health Services offers all employees the opportunity to participate in supplemental insurance products and services. The benefits are offered through Ameritas Worksite Benefits, are paid for through a payroll deduction, and can follow you if you should ever leave TCHS. The five benefits offered are Universal Life Insurance, Cancer & Specified Disease Insurance, Eye Care Insurance, and Long Term Care Insurance. These benefits are also available to your immediate family members.

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