The Employee of the Month (EOM) recognition program for Thayer County Health Services is based on employees that exemplify the 12 Core Action Values; Authenticity, Integrity, Awareness, Courage, Perseverance, Faith, Purpose, Vision, Focus, Enthusiasm, Service and Leadership.

Employee of the Month for 2014

EOM Nov 2014Jamie Koch, RN is the November, 2014 Employee of the Month for the Core Value – “Perseverance”.

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Kathy Bauhard is the October, 2014 Employee of the Month for the Core Value – “Courage”.  Kathy always does what is right, no matter what. She puts doing what is right above anything and anyone. She deals with problems as they arise and never shirks her duty. She always is ready to move forward to implement improvements to her department. She is caring, self-confident and is always positive. Congratulations Kathy ! Also nomi-nated for Courage was Tracy Beavers.


Kate Burd is the September, 2014 Employee of the Month for the Core Value – “Awareness”.  Kate is very aware of what doctors and patients want when it comes to appts. She tries to accommodate everyone. The nurses and the admissions staff go to her when they have problems. She is the go-to person in Admissions. Kate has genuine empathy for her coworkers and patients. She does a good job of listening to what others needs are. She is willing to take action when needed and always tries to make things better. Kate goes above and beyond. She is a great example for others on how to be more aware of every situation and the people you work with.

Diane Currey is thEOM-August-2014e August, 2014 Employee of the Month for the Core Value – “Integrity”.   If there is anyone at Thayer County Health Services that exemplifies “Integrity” it is Diane Currey. Diane always treats others with dignity and respect. She is reliable, honest and trustworthy. She keeps her word. When she says she is going to do something, you know it will get done. She is a responsible with TCHS resources. Diane never talks bad about others. She will go out of her way to help others; especially our patients. Diane often puts other’s need before her own and is always willing to help. She treats everyone with respect and will always give people the benefit of the doubt. Congratulations Diane for being selected the August TCHS employee of the month

EOM-July-2014Deb Landmann is the July, 2014 Employee of the Month for Core Value – “Authenticity”.  From her 1st day at Thayer County Health Services (TCHS), Deb has represented the Core Value ‘Authenticity’. She has a positive attitude and a cheerful smile for everyone. She is true to herself. She doesn’t put on airs or try to be someone she isn’t. Deb is truly genuine with every from upper management to all her fellow co-workers. She is comfortable with who she

is, which is a great employee and friend to everyone. Deb takes pride in her work and is always willing to do the extra work needed to make TCHS look its best. TCHS is lucky to have her as an employee. She is a key part of the TCHS team. Congratulations Deb!