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Heartland Home Health


Home Health services are beneficial to patients who need more recovery time, additional monitoring or therapy after being dismissed from the hospital. It often allows patients to remain at home rather than being placed in an interim care facility. Many patients benefit from home care simply by being with loved ones in familiar surroundings. Family members and caregivers are provided with hands-on instruction regarding care and diet, and are given the emotional support they need to understand and cope with a disease or condition.

402-768-4625 or toll free 877-768-4625
If you have questions please call or email us at homehealth@tchsne.org

Under the direction of your personal physician, Heartland Home Health provides comprehensive health care tailored to meet your individual needs. Our services include:

• Skilled Nursing Care
• Homemakers/Home Health Aides
Rehabilitation Services: Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies
• Foot Care/Clinic
Social Services
• Private Duty/Elder Care
• Dietitian

For patients who need assistance with daily living tasks, our aides can assist with:

• Bathing
• Laundry
• Walking
• Housekeeping
• Exercise
• Meal planning and food preparation
• Shopping

Heartland Home Health services are available to anyone, of any age, who needs or wants them. Referrals to Home Health may be made by anyone, including physicians, social workers, patients, family members, or other healthcare professionals. Skilled care and home health aide services require a physician’s order

Payment for services may be provided through Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, Veterans Administration, Worker’s Compensation, and private pay. Our Home Health staff is available to assist you in determining if home care services are appropriate for an individual or to assist in planning for home care services for a hospitalized patient.

Call or email for referrals or additional information.

Good Beginnings is here to provide supportive service to families with children in the age group newborn to 5 years old. It also serves women during their pregnancy (whether her first of not), and provides support during this time of incredible change.

Good Beginnings works with agencies in the community to better serve our families as a whole. We teach healthy well being, self-care, child-care, child development, and assist with social services needs. Thayer County Good Beginnings serves families who have delivered at Thayer County Health Services, or who live in Thayer County but may have delivered elsewhere.

Good Beginnings is provided through physician referral. However, if you have questions, please contact us at 402-768-4625.

The Heartland Home Health team includes Roseann Wehrbein, and RN; Linda Loontjer, RN in addition to our Rehabilitation Department and our Social Worker, Dianne Meyer, MSW, CSW.