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How to Help TCHS During COVID-19 Pandemic

Hello, and thank you so much for your willingness to help us during this COVID-19 pandemic!

Foundation for Thayer County Health Services
COVID 19 Response Fund

Due to the shortage of masks and personal protective equipment throughout the country, we are seeking assistance from our community members and asking them to put their sewing skills in action. Below are the patterns and youtube videos that are available to assist you in sewing much-needed items to keep our staff safe and healthy.

If you have any questions regarding making the masks contact Rita Luongo, Development Director, at (402) 768-4636 (work phone), (402) 768-1584 (cell phone), or by email at rluongo@tchsne.org to coordinate delivery to our staff. Thank you again; we appreciate your help and support more than words can convey.

Link for informaiton and demos on sewing masks below.  Please pre-wash all fabric before you sew it to keep it from shrinking when we wash it. You can do Option 1 and/or Option 2. Both of them have the opening to allow us to insert a filter or surgical mask.

Mask Option 1: Originally we were doing the option 2 mask, but to simplify the process and make it easier to do kits, you might consider doing a rectangle mask. This demo video gives you directions on how to do one with a pocket to insert a surgical mask or filter inside.  If you have any thin wire (18 – 24 gauge wire) you could put a 6″ piece into the top stitch on one side to allow the mask to be molded around the nose.  If you don’t have any elastic, that is OK, just leave an opening in your side seams to allow us to run elastic through for you.  Below is a link to a video tutorial for the mask.  The pattern is converted and can be downloaded from Sew Bee it Quilt Shop in Hebron. Contact me if you have any questions. Demo video

Mask Option 2: For the second type of mask, watch this video only as a reference on how to how to sew this type of mask.  The ones we are making that are similar to this mask has been adjusted for you to leave an opening on the sides to insert a filter or surgical mask inside: Video link for this mask. 

Instructions for Option 2 mask: Instructions   Pattern is shown below.

Surgical caps videos:

First option: (pattern available upon request) Surgical cap

Second option:  surgical cap