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Online Appointment Request Form

Welcome to our online appointment request form. This form is to be used to request routine appointments for the Hebron Medical Clinic. If you want to request an appointment at one of the other medical clinics or with another service (i.e. Lab, Radiology or Physical Therapy) at Thayer county Health Services, you will need to call the appointment line during normal business hours.

Clinic appointment requests for the Hebron Clinic will be processed on the next business day, Monday through Friday. A response should be received within 24 hours after being processed. Patient requests will be handled in the order they are received.

Fill in the date(s) and time(s) with your preference for an appointment. This request form is designed for routine appointments. Currently online appointments are being scheduled for two week from now. If your condition requires an earlier appointment. Please call the TCHS appointment line, 768-7203 during normal business hours.

Important Reminder
This form is just a request for an appointment. Your appointment is not confirmed until you receive confirmation via email or by a phone call. Appointments are currently being scheduled for two weeks from today. If you need an earlier appointment, call the TCHS appointment line and our staff will try to accommodate you if there is a medical need. If you have any questions call our appointment line at 402-768-7203 or 888-868-7203.