Exceptional Health... Close To Home


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Mission Statement


The Mission of Thayer County Health Services
(our reason for existence – what we do and for whom)
Together with the citizens of Thayer County, we shall work to improve the health of our region by providing high quality, compassionate healthcare close to home.

The Vision of Thayer County Health Services
(what we strive to be – the overall direction toward our desired future)
Through innovation, technology, sound business practices, and a caring, holistic approach, we will be the values-driven provider of choice for comprehensive community healthcare and wellness to all who seek our services.

Our Values
(those guiding principles by which we lead, follow, and carry out our mission)
Concern…for the total well-being of everyone in our community and ourselves
Compassion…from each of us toward those we serve
Respect…for the dignity of each other and our patients
Professionalism…in all that we do
Teamwork…knowing that all of us are stronger than each of us
Laughter…our work should be fun, we shouldn’t be afraid to laugh at ourselves and with our patients
Stewardship…of the public resources with which we are entrusted

Meeting Your Needs
Please feel free to offer us suggestions on how we can better serve our communities. We are here to give you the best care, right here at home.

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