Thayer County Health Services is pleased to offer you the FREE Medicare benefit called the Annual Wellness Visit.

Your Medicare insurance pays for free visits with your health care provider to review preventative services and work with you to make a plan for how to stay well. There are three types of preventive services visits:

  1. Initial Preventive Physical Exam (IPPE) “Welcome to Medicare” is only for new Medicare patients. This must be done within 1 year after Medicare enrollment.
  2. Annual Wellness Visit, Initial At least 1 year after the “Welcome to Medicare” exam.
  3. Annual Wellness Visit, Subsequent Once a year (more than 1 year + 1 day after the last Wellness Visit).

What is the Annual Wellness Visit?

  • The Annual Wellness Visit focuses on gathering your health information and counseling you on improving your health and preventing complications from any illnesses you may currently have.
  • This visit is for talking with your healthcare team about your medical history, your risk for certain diseases, the current state of your health and your plan for staying well.
  • We will measure your height, weight, and blood pressure.
  • We might refer you for screenings or services outside of the appointment.

How is the Annual Wellness Visit different from other visits?

  • This is not the same as a yearly physical exam.
  • We will complete screening questionnaires regarding functional status, memory, depression, and home safety.
  • We will discuss end-of-life planning and make a personalized care plan.

Who pays for it?

  • Medicare will pay for the Annual Wellness Visit so you will have no out of pocket expense.
  • You might have a copayment for some screening services and follow up visits.
  • If you receive additional tests or services during the same visit that aren’t covered under these preventive benefits, you may have a co-pay and the Part B deductible may apply.

Things to bring to your Annual Wellness Visit:

  • A list of the members on your healthcare team including any other physicians, the names of your home health agency and medical equipment supply companies (ex. Oxygen supplier), and the names and locations of the pharmacies you use.
  • A list of all of your medications (both prescribed and over-the-counter) and supplements that you take including vitamins and herbals.
  • Please fill out the following documents and bring them with you to your appointment:

We appreciate the trust you put in us to take care of your health care needs and hope that you will take advantage of this benefit to work with your provider in creating your personalized prevention plan. To schedule your appointment, please call (402) 768-7203. If we do not hear from you first, we will be following up via phone to discuss scheduling your Annual Wellness Visit. We look forward to working with you to make a plan to help you stay well.

Watch a short video explaining Medicare Preventative Benefits here:

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