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Diagnosing Jaundice

Most of us recognize jaundice by a yellowing of the skin or the whites of the eyes. Screening for jaundice by visual assessment alone is not 100% accurate. Because bilirubin levels peak two to four days after a baby is born, most babies have gone home before they are diagnosed with jaundice. In some cases, babies may need to be readmitted to the hospital for UV treatment.

Currently to accurately test babies, a blood draw is needed which requires a heel prick. This procedure is painful for the baby and may be an added cost for parents. For some babies with jaundice, a blood test needs to be repeated every 4 hours. This results in very bruised and very sore little heels. 

Is there a painless way to assess newborns for Jaundice? 

Jaundice can be detected through the use of a noninvasive bilirubin testing meter before babies leave the hospital. Diagnosing jaundice earlier means treatment can begin earlier too. This leads to better outcomes for babies and less anxiety for parents.

How can you help?

The TCHS Hospital Guild wants to purchase a noninvasive bilirubin testing meter, at an estimated cost of $6,000 for Thayer County Health Services. Donations received from the 2024 membership drive and end of year gifts will go toward this purchase.

Please donate today and show your support for our littlest patients!

If you have any questions contact the Guild at 402-768-4636.


The Guild storyboard located in the Foundation for Thayer County Health Services’ Legacy Hall:


History of the Hospital Guild

For more than 70 years, Thayer County Health Services has been supported by an extremely active and dedicated group of people. This group of over 500 members represents every town in the county, carries on a long tradition of caring and volunteerism. Who are these folks? The Hospital Guild for Thayer County Health Services of course. Today the Guild continued their commitment to the health and wellness of Thayer County by donating between $30,000-$50,000 annually for equipment, supplies, and other material each year to the hospital and clinics. The donations range from simple items such as Obstetrical training manuals to modern equipment to improve the care of our patients.

Things and Stuff
How does the Guild do such a fantastic job of fundraising and support? Apart from the superb talents of many many dedicated people, the Guild also runs a shop in Hebron called “Things and Stuff.” With the proceeds of the shop and through other activities, the Guild has been able to provide thousands of dollars of support to the hospital and clinics over the years – ultimately benefiting the patients and citizens of all of our communities.

Local Service by Local people….
Every employee in every department, as well as every patient of TCHS, has benefited from the hard work and efforts of the Guild. The Guild was formed in 1953 to support the hospital with the extra work that needed to be done. This work included mending hospital linens, (75 towels were hemmed the first year), visiting and reading to patients, and canning garden products for winter use (258 quarts of vegetables). In 1960, members recognized that the function of the Guild was changing. Disposable and pre-sterilized medical supplies were becoming standard in the industry. Sewing and mending were less of a problem, and the hospital was advised not to use home-canned products.

By 1967, the Guild changed its focus to the financial support of the new hospital. The Guild held a county-wide rummage sale called a “Things & Stuff” sale. This sale continued in a donated shop above the bank one day a week. In 1988, the Guild purchased a ground-level shop on Lincoln Avenue in Hebron. The shop, “Things & Stuff,” is open four days a week – Wednesday thru Friday 9-4 and Saturday 9-12.

The Guild also holds bake sales, raffles (dolls, quilts), “Lights of Love” holiday campaign, and helps serve meals for Foundation projects like the annual golf tournament, and the variety show. The Guild is also supported through membership drives and memorials. Previous fundraising events have included Bingo, Style Shows, Home Tours, Calendars, etc.

In addition to their fundraising activities, the Guild also volunteers at Thayer County Health Services sponsored events; Blood drives, Reduced Priced Lab events, Mass flu clinics, and Women’s Health Night.  If you would like to become a volunteer at one of these events, contact Kris Miesner, the projects committee chairperson at 402-200-8461.

Guild Officers

  • President – Carol Krueger
  • Vice Presidents – Roseann Wehrbein, Eileen Asche, Cassie Wilbeck and Wanda Yoachim
  • Project Chairwomen – Kris Miesner, Helen Boman, Connie O’Hanlon and Phyllis Luehring
  • Secretary – Connie O’Hanlon
  • Treasurer – Mary Rauner
  • Membership Chair – Cassie Wilbeck

Show Your Support – Join The Guild
TCHS Guild membership is open to anyone. The cost of becoming a member is $3. For membership information or details on how to make a donation to the guild, contact President Carol Krueger or Rita Luongo at 402-768-4636 or email