Thayer County Health Services welcomes students wanting to complete job shadow observation hours at our facility. Please read the following information before downloading the job shadow application.

The policy below addresses all requests from students who are enrolled in a class that requires job shadow observation hours and outlines the procedure for application and expectations on the day of scheduled job shadow observation.

TCHS defines job shadow observation as an educational work-based experience where an opportunity of observation is provided for students who have a class requirement to complete job shadow observation hours.

Job shadowing may be scheduled on a day Monday- Friday during the hours of 8:00 am – 5:00 pm for up to eight (8) hours, subject to department schedules. Students must be at least 16 years old and students under the age of 19 must provide parent or guardian signature. Students will not be performing patient care duties, as it is observation-only, and job shadowing will not fulfill those requirements needed for clinical experience.

Human Resources will be responsible for maintaining job shadow observation applications and all required paperwork. Human Resources will also obtain from the student’s school a signed TCHS affiliation/confidentiality agreement.

TCHS Application Process:
The applicant must complete the application on and submit to TCHS Human Resources. The application will include, but not limited to:
1. Job Shadow Policy Acknowledgement.
2. TCHS Confidentiality Policy Acknowledgement.
3. Applicant and/or Guardian Acknowledgement of up-to-date immunizations (DPT/DTap/Tdap, Flu Shot, Hepatitis B, Inactivated Poliovirus, MMR, Varicella (chickenpox).
4. Acknowledgment that in the event of a communicable disease, the student will reschedule. If the student report to the Job Shadow event ill, the department manager will reschedule.
5. Dress Code Policy Acknowledgement.
6. Business Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policy Acknowledgement.
7. Request to provide a copy of the class syllabus or schedule showing the requirement of job shadow observation hours.

Restricted areas for job shadow observation include the following:
• Surgery
• Labor
• ER
• Nursery

Completed applications may be emailed to; faxed to Human Resources at 402-768-4679; or mailed in to the following:
Thayer County Health Services
Attn: Human Resources
120 Park Avenue
Hebron, NE 68370

Human Resources will inform the applicant of when the application is received and submit the application to the department director/supervisor. If application is approved, Human Resources will be in contact with Student to schedule job shadow observation, and coordinate with TCHS department director/supervisor.
Approved Students will be required to complete Safety Storm training which includes Patient Privacy and Safety Policies in SwankHealth (online training). Human Resources will provide instructions to the Student.

On Student Job Shadow Observation Day:
• Student will meet with Human Resources prior to scheduled job shadow observation time and obtain name badge; and review of safety policies and received application acknowledgments.
• When meeting with Human Resources, Student will provide the following:
• Certificate of training completed from SwankHealth,
• List of immunizations
• Students will need to dress appropriately according to TCHS Dress Code Policy.
• Director/supervisor or employee designee will receive verbal consent from patient prior to Student’s observation. This includes informing the patient of Student’s age and intent of Job Shadow.
Student will not be allowed continued or future job shadow observation if at any time Student refuses to follow or complete any of requirements of the TCHS policies as stated. If a HIPAA breach has been reported and founded to be true, Student may not be eligible for future hiring.

Application for Job Shadow Observation