As TCHS continues to focus on providing exceptional, patient-centered care close to home, we seek to expand services to better serve the needs of our patients. Recently, TCHS became accredited through the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) for In-Lab Sleep Studies and Home Sleep Studies. By achieving ACHC Accreditation, TCHS has demonstrated its commitment to providing the highest-quality service through compliance with national regulations and industry best practices.

Both In-Lab and Home Sleep Studies must be ordered by a Provider. A provider can determine which type of testing would be the most beneficial contingent on medical history, symptoms, and other factors.  The most common reasons for sleep studies to be ordered are due to sleep-related breathing disorders such as sleep apnea. Often times Home Sleep Studies will be ordered initially, as this type will allow the testing to be completed in the ease and comfort of your own home.  If a Home Sleep Study is ordered, TCHS staff will provide a take-home device that the patient will wear as they sleep one night, and then the patient will return the device the next day. The Home Sleep Study may provide enough information, however, there are times that more in-depth testing is required.  If this is the case, an In-Lab Sleep Study could be conducted which involves overnight, hospital-based, testing where additional information can be gathered to determine if a sleep-related breathing disorder is present.

Whether a Home Sleep Study or an In-Lab Sleep Study is needed, TCHS is able to provide it.  If you have questions about either type of study or if you believe you may need a sleep study, contact TCHS and your provider to learn more about the options we can provide by calling 402-768-6041.

Sleep Study Flyer