Child Birthing Education

Having a baby is a special and exciting time for you and your family. Thayer County Health Services is here to help you get the best childbirth education possible and ensure that you have a successful beginning to parenthood.

Congratulations and best wishes from all your family and friends at Thayer County Health Services.

Pregnancy and birth are one of the greatest joys you can experience. We want to help you share this joy with family members by helping you get better prepared for the birth of your baby.

TCHS offers a one-day, three-hour Childbirth and Parenting class. The instructors are nurses, who are Certified Childbirth Educators (CCE).

Class is FREE to patients at Thayer County Health Services
$25 fee for all others.
Coaches are encouraged to attend the class if possible!
For those parents unable to attend, we have childbirth educational information available for you. We also invite you to schedule a tour of the hospital. Contact us and we would be happy to arrange this for you.

Although the choice to take a childbirth class is a personal decision, childbirth classes can be very beneficial, especially for first-time parents. Besides teaching breathing and relaxation techniques, these classes are very informative and educational. They are a great way for expectant parents to have their questions answered, their concerns addressed and to learn about available resources to assist them even after the baby is born.
While childbirth classes are not necessary to bring a happy, healthy child into the world, they do help prepare you for delivery. They also can be very helpful for your coach. Childbirth classes can be an enjoyable and beneficial experience for everyone involved.

• Healthy Nutrition Information
• Relaxation, breathing and pushing techniques for labor and delivery
• Exercise and Massage
• The support person’s role in labor and birth
• Information on medications available during labor and birth
• Tour of the Hospital and Delivery Room
• Support for coping with the emotions of pregnancy, birth and new parenthood
• Overview of indications for and procedures used during Cesarean birth
• Introduction to Medical Interventions used in labor and birth
• Information on childbirth, parenting, and breastfeeding

For more information on our Childbirth Education classes, you can call Amelia Stone, RN at 402-768-6041.