Thayer County Health Services

Main Phone Number: 402-768-6041
Toll-Free: 888-868-7203
Main Fax: 402-768-4667
Medical Records Fax: 402-768-4643
Business Office Fax: 402-768-4640
Financial Counselor: 402-768-4656


120 Park Avenue
Hebron, Nebraska 68370

Quiet Time Hours
Quiet Time Hours are daily from 2  p.m. – 3 p.m. We ask visitors to try and visit outside that time so we can provide our patients with rest and relaxation.

Meeting Your Needs
Please feel free to offer us suggestions on how we can better serve our communities. We are here to give you the best care right here at home.

Important Numbers
CEO -Brian Rokusek: 402-768-4614

Raven Gerths402-768-4641

Development Director
Rita Luongo: 402-768-4636

Marketing Director
Jeremy Pearson: 402-768-4655

Surgery Clinic: 402-768-4644
Radiology: 402-768-4645
Laboratory: 402-768-4618
Rehabilitation Services: 402-768-4633
Patient and Family Services: 402-768-4626

Satellite Clinic Phone Numbers
Bruning: 402-353-2055
Davenport: 402-364-2105
Deshler: 402-365-7604
Hebron: 402-768-7203
(after hours, these numbers will all be forwarded to the main TCHS appointment line)

Hebron Medical Clinic: 402-768-7203

TCHS Dietitian: 402-768-4660
Registered Dietitian – Miki Loos

Wellness Program: 402-768-4676
Wellness Coordinator Lucy Kuhlman

Medical Questions

Contacting Patient Rooms
Call the nurse’s station at 402-768-4615 and ask to be transferred.