The immunization office is located in the Hebron Clinic. For an appointment or questions regarding adult and childhood immunizations, please contact the Hebron Clinic at 402-768-7203.

Children Immunizations:
A note about Tylenol: According to a 2016 study, the CDC states that children should not be pre-dosed with Tylenol (acetaminophen) before receiving vaccinations. Giving Tylenol prior to the vaccines to prevent fever will decrease the child’s immune response to build up the necessary antibodies.

Parents are encouraged to schedule their Well Child Checks along with their vaccinations. This will allow them to receive their immunizations at the same appointment.

Adult Immunization Clinic:
To receive an adult immunization, call the appointment line at 402-768-7203.

Flu Information:

6.61x5, HJ, Flu Clinics, 9-25-23

For the latest information from the CDC, you may visit their website

If you have questions regarding immunizations contact the Hebron Medical Clinic or call 402-768-7203.