Donors to the 2023 Golf Tournament

Dennis and Barbara Ahlman
Bruning Bank
Blue Valley Lutheran Homes
Casey’s General Store
Don and Betty Crowder
Ron and Michelle Dubbert
Eakes Office Plus
Arnold and Loxie Ehlers
Audrey Else
Brad and Nancy Elting
Louisa Fintel
Mike and Shari Fischer
Bob and Kathy Fisher
Bill and Mary (Kenner) Glover
Deanna Hobelmann
Patrick and Carlece Kenner
Jamie Koch
Carol Krueger
Dean and Linda Krueger
Lillian Lentfer
Hubbell Lions Club
Lyle McLaughlin

Midwest Bank
Mark and Kris Miesner
Gary and Susan Miller
Bill and Becky Mize
Joe and Elizabeth Murray
Annette Ohlrich
Prairie Health Ventures
Price Funeral Home
Professional Choice Recovery
Reinke Manufacturing Co.
Harlan and Helen Schardt
Thayer County Bank
United Benefits Services, Inc
Stephen and Amanda Vandervoort
Dick and Cheryl Walsh
Bill and Roseann Wehrbein
Dan and Sue Werner
Kurk and Kris Wiedel
Xtend Healthcare
Bohlen Orthopedics
Brett and Amanda Carlson

Brian and Deb Rokusek
Dr. Carla Frye
Chris and Ronda Frye
D.A. Davidson
David and Dianne Meyer
Doug Chos
Edna Johnson
FNIC Trusted Insurance Advisors
Jerry and Jill Catlett
John and Rita Luongo
Landmark Implement
Lori Pahl
Mark and Wendy VanSkiver
Michael and Deana DeFoe
Mike and Ellen Long
Nate and Kristi Casey
Norder Supply
Roger and Kathy Retzlaff
Ron and Melissa Kuhlmann
TCHS Hospital Guild
Dan and Freda Wiedel

2023 Golf Tournament

Zeiss ENT Surgical Microscope

The 2023 Golf Tournament raised funds for the purchase of a Zeiss ENT surgical microscope for the Specialty Clinic and the Surgery Department. Visiting Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) surgeons use this microscope when they see patients in the Specialty Clinic and during surgeries. This microscope replaced the old one with better optical clarity and image quality for minor to more complex surgeries.

The most common ENT surgery performed at Thayer County Health Services is a Myringotomy or better known as an ear tube surgery. In this surgery a microscope is needed to see into the ear so a precise incision can be made in the eardrum to insert the small ear tube. Having this new microscope will make more complex surgeries easier for the surgeon while improving the overall safety for patients.

Thayer County Health Services is committed to ensuring ENT services remain available locally at the hospital in Hebron.  Having modern medical equipment for visiting surgeons is necessary to not only keep the current specialty services, but to help recruit new doctors and services for the Specialty Clinic. In addition, providing specialized services locally reduces the distance patients have to travel for their care.

2023 Golf Tournament Winners

Championship Flight Farm Bureau Financial Services (L-R) Drew Cunningham, Nate Casey, Dave Klaumann, and Josh Janowiak.

1st Flight Winner –  Hubbell Lions Club                                      (L-R) Phil Goombi, Gary Sinn, Evan Meyer and Robert Meyer. 

2nd Flight Winner – Ole Blue OG Team                                       (L-R) Doug Cho, Tiffany Finke, Ginger Ridolfi, and Patrick Yacks.


donations for the new Transport ambulance

When seconds count and no medical helicopter can fly, the hospital transport ambulance is there to get you to the lifesaving medical care you need.

Donate to the Ambulance Fund

Transport Ambulance

The current 2009 transport ambulance was purchased in 2018 for $78,000.  The Foundation for Thayer County Health Services and the Hospital Guild successfully raised the funds to purchase the ambulance. This was only possible because of the generosity received from many of you.

Why does the hospital need a new transport ambulance?

The current transport ambulance has served local residents well. When medical helicopters can’t fly due to bad weather or high winds, the transport ambulance takes patients needing more specialized care to a larger tertiary hospital. There have even been times when the transport ambulance has had to make multiple trips in a 24 hour period. 

The hospital’s transport ambulance is now 15 years old, has higher than average mileage and is seeing increased maintenance repairs. This has led to a decision to fundraise to replace it by 2025. To help with the cost, the hospital applied for and was awarded a $75,000 Nebraska EMS grant for a new ambulance. However; with a price tag of $230,000, additional fundraising is needed.

How can you help?

Earlier this year, the Hospital Guild pledged $60,000 in match funds to the Foundation for their fundraising for the new ambulance. To meet this challenge, the Foundation is asking for your help. The Big Give Thayer County, memberships dues and other fundraisers has helped raise over $40,000 toward the foundation fundraising goal.

The Foundation’s upcoming Casino Night fundraiser on March 16th will continue to help them fundraise for the new transport ambulance. If your schedule allows we hope you will join us for this fun filled evening in support of this important cause.  All donations to the ambulance fund are greatly appreciated.

Together we will continue to make improvements to local healthcare!