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Patient Testimonials

Our mission is to improve the lives of those we serve by providing high quality, compassionate health care. Read and watch our patient stories below!

Peggy Glass – After a brain tumor, Peggy and her family feared for the worst but after a short time in our hospital and rehabilitation department, she re-learned how to talk, read, write, and walk and returned home just in time for the holidays. Read more about Peggy’s story here.

Corey Loupin – After a car accident that left him trapped for over three hours, Corey returned to our facility close to home. He began his rehabilitation journey with one working limb and a few months later was able to walk out of our facility on his own. Watch Corey’s story here.

Vicki Enghauser – Vicki grew up in the area but then moved to Omaha for 20 years. After returning to the area she had heard great things about TCHS’ new provider and decided to give them a chance because they were close to home. Read Vicki’s story here.

Larry Degenhardt – Larry began experiencing stomach pain and scheduled a clinic with Dr. Hubl who found a lump in Larry’s colon. After having surgery right here at Thayer County Health Services with our Specialist, Dr. Growney, Larry went on to undergo preventative chemo treatment. Read Larry’s story here.