Robert Putman of Hebron, NE arrived at the Thayer County Health Services Emergency Room with a foot issue and was promptly admitted to the hospital that afternoon and remained there for four days. “From the moment I entered the Emergency Room, I was treated with compassion and dignity. All my questions were answered, and each process explained to me and was also provided with a plan of treatment,” said Robert. Throughout his stay, the medical staff was, “outstanding and met every need.” Robert appreciated being constantly informed of his care plan and applauded the nursing staff for being so patient and professional in explaining the answers to his questions.

Robert’s provider checked in on him daily and together they discussed progress and answered any questions Robert had. The provider also discussed a treatment plan and timeline. Robert stated, “I never felt a rushed answer from any staff; they were patient, kind and professional.”

He also commended the support staff, ranging from billing, social services, food service, and environmental services and called them all amazing, while noting that he enjoyed the meals and was fed very well. Robert’s praise reached all levels, saying, “I had contact with each service, and they were outstanding and absolutely professional. We are blessed in this community to have such a great facility and staff in all the departments and at all levels.”