George Lahners, TCHS Patient

George & Cheryl Lahners of Alexandria have been patients of Thayer County Health Services since they first moved to the area. “When my wife and I moved to Alexandria, we had no physician, so we researched Thayer County Health Services’ physicians and asked around and found out that they were top quality. So, we came to the hospital and were placed with an enjoyable doctor and from that day forward, between talking to the doctors, nurses, and staff, they’ve all become friends. It is like going home instead of going in for a healthcare appointment,” said George.

Having care close to home means a lot to George and Cheryl. “When our provider left Thayer County Health Services we ultimately returned, because at Thayer County Health Services, if you need a blood test, within an hour the doctor has the results. Elsewhere, you have to wait for the results and that doesn’t cut it with us. I don’t feel the need to go anywhere else because I have exactly what I need right here. When I have a problem they get me back to feeling 100 percent,” said George and Cheryl. 

George and Cheryl are no stranger to Thayer County Health Services and have had their fair share of health problems. So much so that George has had to use the Emergency Room and been a patient at our Specialty Clinic. The root of his back, shoulder and wrist issues were discovered and fixed at Thayer County Health Services, and according to George, all three surgeries turned out perfect. Cheryl had pneumonia and was accurately diagnosed here when providers in Lincoln ran multiple tests to come to the same conclusion. “You can get in when you need to for an appointment and if for some reason you can’t get in with your doctor, the Physician Assistants are fantastic. I have no objection to going to any of the Physician Assistants. I’ve been to Maggie Johnson, PAC; she’s great and top quality,” stated George. 

When asked about a time the providers went the extra mile for them, George and Cheryl responded with every time. “The consistency is there, you can expect top-notch quality every visit and I really appreciate it. When I tell them how I feel they listen and that makes a big difference in the quality of service that you are given,” said George. They both have witnessed first-hand that the quality of care doesn’t end with the appointment. “On the way out from seeing Dr. Hubl, you stop and see Kate Burd and she bends over backward for you and Danielle Larson that sits next to Kate is fantastic,” George exclaimed, and the praise didn’t end there, “We have recently heard great things about Dr. Heinrichs and Wendy VanSkiver, PAC from the community and staff at Thayer County Health Services.”

Personal care means a lot to George and Cheryl. When the staff remembers them by name and genuinely cares about them, they feel like a person and not just a number. “Deb Klover, RN, always goes out of her way to say hello to me and is just wonderful. It is the same with all of the nurses that you see, they are all fantastic, I can’t find a single bad thing to say about them,” said George, “I recommend Thayer County Health Services 100% to others I know. My mother was a resident at Blue Valley Lutheran Nursing Home for a brief time and the integration of care was wonderful there; she was well taken care of.”

If personal care means as much to you as it does to George and Cheryl, Thayer County Health Services is the place for you. “If you want to have ailments diagnosed correctly and for you to be taken care of by a physician that you consider a friend, as I do with Dr. Hubl, I would go to Thayer County Health Services. You are a person, not a number and they listen when you talk,” said George. Cheryl agreed by saying, “It has been a positive experience all around.” George reiterated by saying, “I’ll be a patient at Thayer County Health Services until the day I die.”