Larry began experiencing stomach pain and scheduled a clinic with Dr. Hubl who found a lump in Larry’s colon. After having surgery right here at Thayer County Health Services with our Specialist, Dr. Growney, Larry went on to undergo preventative chemo treatment.

Larry Degenhardt of Hebron had his life take an unexpected turn when he began experiencing stomach pain and scheduled an appointment at the Hebron Medical Clinic with Dr. Bryan Hubl. Dr. Hubl found a cancerous lump in Larry’s colon and shortly after, Larry was scheduled for surgery. One of the main reasons Larry chose to have his surgery at Thayer County Health Services was because the staff treated Larry with respect and made every interaction personal. “I had a previous condition where I went to a specialist in Lincoln and I felt so uncomfortable. They just ran us through the process and some of the staff was unprofessional. I haven’t experienced anything like that at Thayer County Health Services, they are just so caring and make me feel like a person instead of a number. The treatment has been exceptional and so much more personal,” Larry explained. “We are constantly recommending Thayer County Health Services to others. When we see others in the area who have cancer, we recommend that they get their treatment at Thayer County Health Services. The convenience of care goes a long way, not to mention that the staff is really caring. I feel like we are getting the same level of care as we would in a city like Lincoln.”

To eliminate as much cancer as possible, Larry underwent a resection where a third of his colon was removed during surgery right here at Thayer County Health Services with one of the visiting specialists, Dr. Growney. “I felt very comfortable having surgery here. It is close to home and I know a lot of the doctors and nurses at Thayer County Health Services,” Larry said smiling. After surgery, Dr. Growney felt very confident that all of the cancer had been removed but as a precautionary measure he recommended Larry receive chemotherapy treatment. In August 2018, Larry underwent precautionary chemotherapy treatment at the recently renovated TCHS specialty clinic administered by Specialty Clinic nurses, Kendra Else, RN and Marla Heitman, RN. “The best part about receiving treatment here would be the nurses and being able to receive treatment close to home. Getting care at Thayer County Health Services made life so much easier and simpler. I don’t have to drive out of town or find rides to my appointments. My wife would’ve had to take off work to take me to treatment and since she doesn’t it has made life so much more comfortable for all of us.”

Those who know Larry know that he isn’t a man of many words, but it is clear to see how much the one-on-one care means to him. “The nurses and Dr. Hubl go the extra mile for me. Marla and Kendra call me to remind me of my appointments and ask me how I am doing on a weekly basis. Dr. Hubl will stop and talk to me in the hallway and ask how I am doing. The care I’ve experienced at Thayer County Health Services is more personal here than anywhere else I’ve been.”