Arlie Riffle of Hebron, NE

Arlie Riffle, of Hebron NE, has been a patient of Dr. Heinrichs for over two years at Thayer County Health Services. He credits her with changing his life for the better and helping him gain control of his diabetes.

Arlie went in for a routine medical physical, per his job requirements, and his glucose levels were off the charts. The next day Arlie scheduled an appointment with Thayer County Health Services provider, Dr. Leann Heinrichs. “To be honest, I thought my life was over,” said Arlie, because being in poor health meant losing his job. Dr. Heinrichs prescribed Arlie insulin and advised him that if he followed her advice, together they would get his diabetes under control. He took the medications and went to a meeting with our Dietitian. Within two months, Arlie was no longer taking insulin because he followed her advice to watch his sugar intake and exercise. “Dr. Heinrichs is a godsend, she’s the best I’ve ever seen,” Arlie exclaimed, “I have doctors asking me all the time ‘How are you doing this?!’ and I reply with, ‘I just listened to what Dr. Heinrichs said.’” Arlie went on to say that the best part about his experience here is his time with Dr. Heinrichs and his nurse, Haley Wiedel. “They are always kind, sweet, have something positive to say, and are always friendly. They are great people.,” Arlie said, smiling.

Arlie recalled a time when Dr. Heinrichs went the extra mile for him, “The first time I got my tests back and saw how high my blood sugar was, I was so upset that I had to walk out of the hospital. When I composed myself and came back in, she took the time to sit and talk with me about my diagnosis. I listened to what she had to say and look where I am at now. She went above and beyond that day; she’s a great doctor; she is good at what she does.”

Arlie chose Thayer County Health Services because his wife was a patient of Dr. Heinrichs. When Arlie received the bad news from his physical, his wife made an appointment at our Hebron Medical Clinic with Dr. Heinrichs because Arlie didn’t have a primary care provider. Since then, she has been his primary care provider. “She gave me back the life that I thought I had lost,” said Arlie, “Thayer County Health Services has some great people, they take the time to make you feel like a friend.”

“If you want to get healthy and be healthy and you’ll listen – go to Dr. Heinrichs. Thayer County Health Services has helped me 100 percent. I’ve never felt like a stranger, they’ve always called me by name, and I’ve always felt like a friend when I go there; the personal care means a lot.”