The Wit Family (L2R) Jake, Jentry, Jordi, and Jacey

Jacey Wit of Hebron, NE, met Jarie Sones, APRN-FNP, when Jarie worked in the labor and delivery department at Beatrice Community Hospital. Jacey was expecting her firstborn, Jordi. “The funny story is that in the labor and delivery room we all had names that started with “J” s. It was Jake, Jacey, Jarie, Julie; all “J” s. So, when she (Jordi) came into the world, they asked what her name would be, and Jarie laughed and said it has to be a “J” name and we’re replied it’s already set,” said Jacey. Jacey began as a Beatrice Community Hospital patient and delivered both of her children there, but they began to utilize Thayer County Health Services due to living in Hebron. “No matter the kind of appointment, checkups, or similar things, we were always super impressed with how all the providers here handled the kid’s health and always made us feel very welcome,” Jacey stated.

Jentry, Jacey’s son, was very young and had a lot of allergies. Dr. Leann Heinrichs was the one who helped diagnose him with an allergy to strep throat and a variety of other things he was allergic to. “She recommended we get him allergy tested, and that got us on the right path,” said Jacey, “When we found out Jarie was coming to TCHS (Fall of 2018), I was so excited because it’s comforting to know that she was there when my kids were brought into the world and that we have continued care with her for myself and my children.”

When asked about her overall experience with TCHS, Jacey stated that she feels that no matter who she sees, she always is listened to and that all her questions and concerns are heard and addressed individually. “I know that when I leave here, they have heard what I’ve said and are taking every step they can to put me on the right path to whatever it may be, whether it be Jentry’s allergies, my migraines, or anything we might need. I know Wendy VanSkiver, PA-C, focuses on treating migraines, and she has helped with my emergency room trips. It’s just nice knowing that I can see them here in the clinic for a day-to-day type of visits but then know that I’m going to get that same great care when I come into the ER too; in a moment of either panic or an emergency with either the kids or myself. So, it’s just comforting to know that great care is so close to where we live, and we don’t have to go far to find it,” exclaimed Jacey!

When discussing a time a provider went above and beyond for her or her family, Jacey replied, “Jarie goes the extra mile all the time. She’s given me her cell phone number, she has boys, and they live on the farm, so she knows that my kids are active outside of school and stuff like that. Jentry got bit by a squirrel, and I texted her, and I said, is this an emergency or what do I need to do? She is always there, even outside of office hours. She always responds to my texts, and she always lets me know that things will be OK, or hey, I want you to do this or that. It’s comforting to know that if we can’t get in here or it’s 10:00 o’clock at night, I can text her, and she will message me back. Knowing that she’s not above texting me when it’s not during business hours is so reassuring.”

Jacey chooses TCHS because of the quality of care we offer and how close it is to her home. “It’s literally not even a mile from where we live, and we know that we are going to get great care no matter who we’re here to see. I see all the providers, and I know that I’m going to get taken care of no matter who I see, and my kids are too. If it’s something that needs a specialist, then the providers point me in the right direction of where I need to be or where I need to go to best care for myself and my family. I know that we’re going to be well taken care of by no matter who we see,” said Jacey.

In terms of how the services TCHS offers have affected her life, Jacey expressed thanks for the treatment of her frequent migraines. “They have done a lot to help me in managing my migraines that affect my daily life. Being in the ER and just getting me through one night at a time when I get cluster migraines. They have put me on a plan to have a better quality of life and to be able to live a normal life with migraines. I’ve seen practically all the providers in the Emergency Room or in the clinic when I’ve had migraines, so I think they all work well as a team. When I come in, they are all familiar with what’s going on and offer continuity of care no matter the setting,” stated Jacey. “The nursing staff are great too! When I come in, they turn the lights off, they get a warm blanket, and they get ice for my head and neck. It is as close to a standing order as I can get because I know they need to wait on the provider to come in and make sure everything is OK, but they do a nice job when I come in because they know why I’m there and so it’s nice knowing that they’re familiar with my needs.”

Jacey’s experience with TCHS staff has been exceptional and patient-centered. She commented that everyone is very friendly, seems to enjoy their job here, is always welcoming and helpful, and always asks if you are finding your way to where you need to be. “Everybody is so helpful no matter what you’re here for. When I come in and have my sunglasses on for a migraine, they take me back right away and don’t make me sit in the waiting room. They truly put my needs first and take me straight back and turn the lights off until someone is available, which I think is super nice and considerate,” said Jacey. “It’s the very friendly atmosphere. When you walk in, you’re going to get great care because everyone is so friendly and helpful. You walk into some small-town hospitals that are outdated; we have a great facility, and it is state-of-the-art. Our building is very nice, it’s always clean and well maintained, and you always see someone that is there to help. It is so wonderful to have a facility like this that’s close – you don’t have to travel to Lincoln or somewhere else to get quality care.”