On August 2, 2015, Thayer County Health Services broke ground on a $14.8 million hospital renovation and wellness project. Thanks to a generous gift of $6.9 million from the estate of Glenn Korff, an alumni from Hebron, the project includes a new 17,000 sq. ft., rehabilitation and wellness center on the north side of the hospital. A $7.9 million dollar project to renovate other key areas of the hospital (kitchen/cafeteria, ER, clinic, specialty clinic, pharmacy, and surgery) will follow. When complete, this four phase project will allow Thayer County Health Services to address patient’s overall health through prevention and expanded wellness services.

“Thayer County Health Services, his hometown, and fitness were all important to Glenn. It is very rewarding to be a part of a project that will incorporate these three things into a legacy for Glenn,” remarked Thayer County Health Services Development Director, Rita Luongo. “This new facility will serve patients’ rehab needs and the Wellness Center will be available to others throughout Thayer County and the surrounding communities”, added Rita.

For several years, the hospital board and administration have been working on plans for this hospital renovation. Priority areas needing to be addressed were the kitchen and cafeteria; both original to when the hospital was built in 1968. Necessary updates were needed for this area of the facility to meet current state requirements. In addition, the project includes several updates of the mechanical and electrical systems that are also original to the when the hospital was built. Combined the updates to these two key areas if the hospital totaled over $5 million.

When looking into other areas of the hospital, it was decided that patient care could be improved by separating the emergency room, specialty clinic and the Labor & Delivery room. Currently these three services are co-located within the same area of the hospital. Separating these areas will:

  • Give the specialty clinic more space to accommodate two or more visiting physicians at the same time.
  • Space to add a chemotherapy room
  • Allow the emergency room to be closer to the nurse’s station to improve patient care and staff efficiency
  • Provide private birthing suites for new mothers and their families.

Korff Fitness and Wellness Center

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